Frequently Asked Questions


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  1. Q:

    I can't find the EXTRA product I'm looking for, do you still make it?


    Our full range of EXTRA products can be found by clicking here.

  2. Q:

    Do you test on animals?


    In the day-to-day development of our chocolate, gum, confectionery, food, drinks, and pet care products, we do not undertake, support, or sponsor studies that harm animals. Please read our Animal Research Policy for more details:

  3. Q:

    Do your products contain allergens?


    We take consumer safety seriously and understand that people with food allergies have to be very careful about what they eat. We put allergen information on our packs in line with regulations and highlight the allergens in bold text to help people easily identify ingredients or potential allergen cross-contamination risks. 


    We know that if you have an acute allergy, you might want more details than the allergen labelling we legally provide. It's possible that over time, small changes can be made to our ingredients or processes that wouldn't change the information we display on the pack by law but which could alter any more specific guidance we give. We recognise the potentially serious consequences of someone eating a food that they are allergic to and can therefore only stand by the information displayed on the back of pack.

  4. Q:

    Is your packaging recyclable?


    The sustainability of our packaging is a nonstop focus, and we've set ourselves a target to reach 100% recyclability of our packaging by 2025. It's a big challenge, and so we're working with a variety of partners and organisations to help move things forward.